Follow up…

Ok, all of you know that I am still learning this market, soooo I may not have been totally correct in my assessment last night, but I also wasn’t completely wrong – just 100 pips too early!!! Well thanks to Jacko’s AH method I didn’t lose anything AND I was able to recognize another opportunity to get into the market at a discount.  Here’s the break down –

@ 7:37 am my trailing stop was hit @ 2974. I watched it fight with the trend line for a bit – placed an AH sell order @ 2974.  The market continued to move against all the way up to 3100 and then bounced BIG TIME.  Once I saw it move 50 pips toward my AH I placed I shorted it at 3048.  I’ve been riding it down from there, my AH was hit and now I am into the trade(s) with an average of a 150 pip gain with my 100 pip trailing stop.  Once we get to around 2800 (or when I go to bed) I might move my stop closer to a 50 pip TS.

Thanks for reading, see you around…


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