The Week Ahead

Ok, so lets get something straight – this is NOT and exact science…it’s more like an art.  I have not painted my masterpiece but I am working on learning how to hold the brush.

I have been pounding this idea that the E/U is going to drop like a rock, that the overall trend and “feeling” is down.  Up until Friday and the Asian session tonight, I have had no reason to think otherwise, I was just enjoying the ride down.  But as I look through my charts tonight and analyse what I am seeing, I can’t help but feel that we are shifting into something a bit more long term than just a pull back.   Don’t get me wrong, I still believe we are in a downtrend on the daily’s, I just think the montly’s are rearing their ugly head and putting the bulls in charge for this last week in February.

I am still looking for shorts but will enter after at the peak and while it’s on the way down.  How do I determine the peak?  Still figuring that one out, but as soon as I see it I’ll let you know…


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