Position Update & Fridays

Good Morning Everyone!

Getting ready this morning to go and make some End of the Month sales for my sign company and I decided I’d let you all (or y’all for you southerners) know where I stand.

Last night we broke through a triangle that was setting up all week long AND we broke to the downside (whooohooo) which played well with my shorts that I had in @ 2690.  Since that I have added a few during the retraces and my average price is @ 2703.  My 100 pip TSL is currently @ 2729.

For the past few weeks, Fridays have put a hurt on my % gains from the week…I know the market has rallied on Fridays, but I didn’t have the ability to walk away, I always wanted to get one last peice of the action.  In any case, I am not putting any new orders or trades in today, I am just letting the ones I have ride.  When we get close to the end of the day I’ll decide whether to close my positions or reduce them and move my TS to give price some more room to breath…

We’ll see – Happy Friday and Good Trading to all.


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