Life as we know it….

Hello Friends.

This has been a tough weekend and past week.  Trading has been slow going, not too much time in the day for taking intraday set-ups – BUT I have been trading the daily and 4H bars if I can steal a glance.

I have expanded my horizons to looking at a few other pairs other than JUST the E/U.  I still stick to the majors and pretty much only USD/XXX pairs.

In my personal life – My wife and I are approaching some important crossroads in our life together.  My mom was just diagnosed with non-small lung cancer which is very frightening – you never think it can happen to you or your family, but it does.  I am soliciting your prayers for me and my family, thank you ahead of time – it is greatly appreciated.

I am not bringing any of this up looking for a pity party, but to seriously ask for your prayers AND to demonstrate that a traders life isn’t just trading.  It is a business that requires emotionless decision making with regards to placing trades but it does not mean the trader himself (or herself) needs to be an emotionless robot.  It is actually our DISCERNMENT that makes us, humans, more successful than an Automatic Trading Program.

My problem is that I have a tendency to not be emotional when the average person would be, I deal with emotion and stress by not recognizing it’s existence – I let it motivate me, but I do NOT let it effect my attitude. The reason this CAN be a problem is the appearance of a lack of concern for the matter at hand.  This can be very disheartening to others as they don’t understand where I am coming from or exactly how I feel.  Bottom line is I don’t wear my emotions on my sleeve, I am not even sure I put them on everyday. However,  I can assure you that I am not an emotionless brute, but to the contrary, I am quite the sentimental, caring person…

I urge any one reading this blog that is an active trader to seriously study Support & Resistance lines on the weekly timeframe as well as Price Action Set ups, specifically – Pinocchio Bars and Bearish/bullish Outside Bars as these are the easiest to spot AND the most profitable when triggered at the correct places. Finally, don’t forget the trend – while I really only base my trades off the prevailing trend, you can swing trade as long as you take profits sooner against the trend and let your profits run with the trend.

I may not be able to update for sometime so if I can communicate, it will be through the comments section.  PLEASE leave a comment if you stop by – let me know where I need improvement or if you can identify with where I am as a trader.  Thanks and see you SOON!


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