Weekly Analysis

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The above is my weekly Analysis along with what I am looking for.

Last week was successful, found a great new resource that is run by an experinced, full time trader.  His site is VeriteFX.com.  This site is for serious traders that can ADD to the discussion, not just mooch off the info…

See on the next ride.


5 thoughts on “Weekly Analysis

  1. thanks this veritefx is great site for trading. good trade calls and great market updates from david. they are great traders.

  2. Yes sir. I actually know David and his family from when I was young. Great people all around. It was a coincidence that we even hooked up in this large FOREX world, but I sure am glad I found his group of traders.

  3. Hola!

    Michael, I’m truly sorry to hear about your mother’s diagnosis. I can assure you she (her name?) will be in our family’s prayers, along with you and all of your family as time passes by.

    Your self-examination and conscious acknowledgment of your emotional disposition in life as in trading is an important insight: something I think a lot of traders do not take intentional inventory of…. Not to say one can’t trade effectively without some investigation of all of that snd not to overestimate its importance, but your observations are a sign of emotional maturity that I think will aid you as you continue to develop as a trader.

    I responded to your comment over at my blog, also; stop over when you have another chance.

  4. Thank you for your kind words, her name is Betsy. Amazingly she is handling the situation like a saint. Very calm and eager to start treatment….

    Actually they found out that it isn’t Lung cancer…it’s colon cancer. From what I know, if you had to pick one to have – colon cancer is the one to pick, I hear it is “easier” to treat. So a sliver of good news – or as good as it can get finding out it is in a THIRD organ. She is getting a second opinion at Sloan Kettering in NY and then they’ll start chemo soon after. She is determined to beat it!

    Thanks for everyone’s prayers!

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