Laying in wait…

I feel like everytime I write a new blog I am apologizing for waiting sooo long.  Hence the title of my new post – if you never know when I’ll post, then I can ambush you with a new one every now and then.

It’s also a new idea I am developing in my trading…patience, so I can surprise attack the markets.  They’ll never know what hit ’em. <— note the sarcasm – “waiting” is something I have struggled with for a long time, and I feel as if I’ll struggle with it for the rest of my career.  However, I would like to think I am getting more patient, even if I have not perfected it.  Not much has changed with my trading, I am playing with a martingale strategy that I am starting to like, I hinted about it in a previous post here.  As for my profitability, I’ve posted some decent gains for the first part of the year, but no where near what I desire.

I have started looking around for some full time employment and had a great meeting with a Financial Adviser that owns his own Financial Services Firm.  I am looking to work as an intern at their offices while studying for my Series 7 and 66 as well as my Life and Accident Insurance Certificate.  If anyone has info or resources for these exams, any help would be appreciated.  The guy I met with’s name is Brian and he asked some very tough questions, laid some realities on the table and really showed that he was in the business for more than just money.  His clients are his #1 priority and he believes that, other than family, he has the biggest impact on their lives – and because of this he makes sure it’s a positive one.  I realized why I am attracted to the business, yeah the possibility of making a decent wage is nice, but I love to help people, I love to see people smile. The greatest reward for me isn’t the paycheck every week, but the satisfaction that I’ve made someones life a little better.  So, long story kinda short, I am pursuing this with my whole heart and head and we’ll see what happens.

If anyone is keeping up, a quick update about my mom.  She has now had 2 scans to monitor the growth of her cancer and the doctors are STUNNED!!! They don’t know why, but the cancer is NOT growing – they said that it should be, but it’s just not… Her will power is unbelievable as is her resolve to not let this beat her.  She has changed a lot…her diet and outlook on life top the list as some of the reasons this cancer isn’t taking her body over.  BUT I attribute it to the amount of prayer and uplifting she has recieved from people all over the world.  Thank you for keeping her in your thoughts and prayers  – God does and is able to perform miracles and this is what we are praying for AND SEEING!!

Thanks for not leaving me during this long period of not writing, for more updates, FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER!

See you around the block!


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