Explanation of my brief hiatus

I took a break from blogging for a few weeks due to a family emergency.  It wasn’t so much an emergency, but more so a tragedy.

My grandfather Cornelius Spencer Goldsborough, Jr at 84 years old passed away on Saturday Morning, August 8th, 2009.


He was a Man of God, a husband, a father, a grandfather, a great-grandfather, a Marine, and a proud American.  He gave as though he had unlimited resources on a fixed income and when he couldn’t give money he gave his time, always with a smile. My Grandfather has a special place in my heart and has had an impact on my life that is unexplainable.  I’ll go on with my life but I fear that I’ll forget the things he taught me or I’ll forget that smile and wave from the end of the driveway after his trademarked, “Bye now”. I don’t want to forget, I will never forget.

His Joy in life was the family he had, both relatives and friends.  Seeing him with my nieces and nephews; that smile on his face, the happiness in his eyes, and the satisfaction, knowing what a wonderful family he started and raised.

Nothing will ever be the same, no family get-together will be complete with out him.  But I am so happy to have a great family to share in the memories with me and my wife Kim.  From all of this I have learned that life is to short to hold grudges, to not enjoy each others company to the fullest. Love much and be loved, embrace those around you because you never know if you’ll have another chance on this earth.  Last but not least, explore your purpose here, investigate God and Jesus Christ, they can fill any void in your life, and fill it with overflowing abundence.

I love you pop-pop and I’ll see you soon. (Grandmom says hi too and she misses and loves you.)

Now…back to your regularly schedule program…”Press your luck!”


2 thoughts on “Explanation of my brief hiatus

  1. What a wonderful thing to put your thoughts into words… Your Pop-pop was loved and respected by so many. He probably had a huge surprise in heaven when he found out how many people he actually influenced in such a positive way. He always spoke proudly of his grandchildren and loved each as individuals and beyond measure. He will indeed be missed.

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