My Divergence Charts and why I think the SP500 and the Eur/Usd are just about at the top of their respective rallies.  I am putting a lot on the line – my credibility (which isn’t much to begin with) and most importantly, the money I have invested by others in my abilities.  I am heavy short on E/U and not ashamed to say it, I have a mental stop loss and plenty in reserves to cover, but the market has not performed like it usually does…even in whipsaw markets it’s more predictable.  This bull train is moving fast and really has no reason to continue except the path of least resistance…

Money flows are waiting for a pull back, but investors are anxious to get in and are afraid to miss the boat…hence the tiny pull-backs/consolidation and then large moves up.

Below are my charts to semi-backup my idea…

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