State of the Union 2010 – Call and Response

What did you think?  Was it political posturing or a contrite apology with a new resolve to move forward?

I couldn’t help but hear contradicting statements throughout the speech.  Still too much campaigning and not enough action.  For example, he would talk about bipartisanship and in the next breath blame the GOP.  He would talk about spending 30 Billion and 8 Billion and then say how we need to freeze Federal Discretionary spending, how he has a plan to save 20 Billion next year.

Don’t get me wrong, President Obama is an incredible orator and I have to say I caught myself “falling” for him, but it is my duty as a blogger to take a step back and analyze from as much an unbiased position as possible.

So far, under his own admission, Obama’s presidency and administration has not delivered on its promise made on the campaign trail.  I understand that it is a big bull to tackle and won’t be completely done on his watch, but we haven’t even SEEN the little glimmer of change that IS needed.  Let’s talk about reforming our government and the way it operates, not just what it talks about.  That is real change, that is the change that the American people are clamoring for – that is the change that they voted for.

Now, as a member of the American public, I have the right to say this – we have very short memories.  If Obama can turn this ship and get us heading in a direction of prosperity then this last year will easily be forgotten.  However, he is under a time crunch, nothing will leave a lasting memory like losing a bunch of seats during this upcoming mid-term election.  One already slipped through the cracks with Brown winning in Massachusetts.  This might have been the best thing that happened to the Democrats – a possible wake up call.  It’s like losing the last regular season game and realizing your not invincible and working 10 times harder to get back on top.  This loss could have been that wake up call.

As for the GOP, their response was predictable.  Nothing better or worse than the Presidents, just more posturing.  More politics and very little commitment to action.  I have to admit that I am coming from a GOP background, but have stepped back from any type of political designation.  However, I do have to say that I am dissapointed in the GOP.  I don’t like how they have become the party of “no.”  They are just as much, if not more now, a part of the problem as the Democrats and the Justices.


My view of the American political system has turned very cynical these past few years.  When I was young, I believed what I was taught – for me that was a very republican point of view.  As I grew a little older, I found my own reasons to be a part of the Republican point of view.  And yet as I continue  to grow, I have found reasons to remove myself completely from this defunct system of having to choose between the lesser of two evils.


I don’t claim to have any answers and the manager in me is screaming, “Don’t present a problem with out having some ideas for solutions!!”  But nothing will be done unless we, the American Public, stand up and show our Government HOW TO GOVERN.  Not this comforting, feel good notion of “voting” and petitions…this just allows us to choose WHAT they talk about, not HOW they talk about it.  I will leave you with one thought and one question.

Thought : The ones we remember were not just good, they where great.  Success dies with mediocrity.

Question : How do you boil a frog? Is it getting a little warm in here?


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