Weekly Plan 6/28

On the EURJPY, we are in a range.  Since the beginning of last week we have gone from 111.00 to 109.50 consistently.  We are currently at the bottom of the range @ 109.50 and I am a buyer (again.) I know that I had said I would like to join the short party, but for some reason I just can’t find many opportunities (real great opportunities) to get in on the short side of things.

My current positions:

Current Positions –

Open Trades –
1/4 Lot (Long) @ 112.28, TP @ 115.37, No SL
1/2 Lot (Long) @ 11.10, TP @ 112.00, No SL
1 Lot (Long) @ 109.60, TP @ 110.25, No SL

Closed Trades –
1 Lot (Long) @ 110.70, TP @ 112.60 (Hit), No SL

No Open Orders


3 thoughts on “Weekly Plan 6/28

  1. 2 minutes after I post this, the markets are making me out to be a liar…oh well, will find another area to add to my plan… looking at 108.00 for a great place of resistance.

  2. I am not seeing these setups and trends on my charts.

    And as you point out, EURJPY has gone short a lot since June 28 0800 EET or so.

    What chart time frame shows you the range you describe? I don’t see it. Thank you

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