Here we go…brace for impact.



7 thoughts on “Here we go…brace for impact.

  1. Horror of horrors – I went to vote today & took all 3 kids with me!! I know I’m a horrible mom! :). All kidding aside – when I was voting there was a blurb on my ballot that if I over-vote it would come up as an error, but an under-vote is allowed. My thought was that your statement of no vote isn’t saying much to the establishment, its sad but you will probably go unnoticed. But if you show up to vote, but decide that no one on the ballot is worth voting for, some where in all the statistical analysis that they do, that would show up and if you got enough people to do it with you, then it would make more of a statement than not voting!! Just a thought from your older & wiser sister! :). Love ya!

  2. Can I go and put my name in and not Vote for ANYONE and they would still count that??? If that’s the case, then yes I will go to the polling station and submit an empty ballot but I still wouldn’t call that voting :)

  3. Hey Mike,

    I know you don’t like attack adds as much as I don’t but heres some historical perspective on the tradition of this in politics. Its been around since the 3rd presidential campaign between Adams and Jefferson. While at the Constitution Center on a field trip I read up on the debate between the two men. Although it remains the first truly tested example of the peaceful exchange of power, these two guys knew how to publicly attack one another far more aggressively than anything you see today. Check out this video that puts a contemporary spin on the exact quotes from these two presidents. Enjoy. : )

  4. BRILLIANT, thanks for that…very entertaining and TRUE. While I know that personal attacks have been around long before this even, I still don’t agree with them. Shakespeare is one of the great examples of insulting someone down to the core of their existence and he did it with class…Thanks for the link!

  5. I feel the same way. I did vote however, mostly because I see it being the lesser of two evils. I can skip voting and the system doesn’t know if I am upset, or just lazy; or I can vote for the lesser of evils/third parties and still tell others how crappy our current system is. Perhaps if enough people complain and vote about it, someone will come to office on the platform of reforming the voting system and at that point something could be done.

  6. Hi Mike! Bryce has very similar views (except he says democracy is inherently screwed) and actively doesn’t vote. I haven’t quite figured out my opinion yet, but I certainly understand your argument – the frustrating part is that there’s no other viable system to participate in. So do you think democracy should be able to work, but what it has turned into is broken? Do you think public campaign financing would help, or are you wanting more radical changes?

  7. Hey Colleen!! I don’t think it is the structure of our Government that is the problem, fundamentally, it can work; I think it is the method in which it is executed that is flawed. For instance, the only way someone with my concerns can get into a position to fix it, is to be contradictory. When you have a system that cannot self correct, you have a problem and this is what we have.

    What we will see over the next 20 years is this back and forth party change. Why? Because the American public is starting to realize that neither party has the answer and they are becoming increasingly impatient. What we have to understand is as the rate of communication is accelerated, so are the cycles that this country and world go through. We have to find a way to modify the system enough to accommodate for rapid change while not completely disrupting the work flow of getting things done, otherwise all we get is a fragmented government that is inefficient and wasteful. I don’t know how to fix it, but I know it needs to be fixed.

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