EUR/USD Outlook Week of 2/14

HAPPY VALENTINES DAY!  I am spending plenty of time with the love of my love, then later with my wife :) I am just kidding of course, trading always comes second to my beautiful wife, Love you babe!

In other news,  here is my general EUR/USD outlook.

Below are 3 charts of the EUR/USD in three different timeframes (Monthly, Weekly, 4 Hour).

I am trading from a bear biased point of view.  The jump up to 1.3850, in my opinion, was a bull trap that cleared the way to focus on new lows.  The 3 Weekly Pinn Bars are very telling about the lack of push behind a significant bull move.  The Monthly charts are printing consistent Lower Highs and Lower Lows…

The 1 Hour chart just printed a very nice looking Pinn Bar, I am Currently short.



One thought on “EUR/USD Outlook Week of 2/14

  1. Hi, I am happy you are still fine and on the market. Sorry that did not respond on your comment year or so :( blogspot does not send alerts like wordpress. Anyway i am happy that you still are on the top of the pip wave :)))

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