The Art (and Joy) of Preparation.

Everyone needs to slow down.  Do it right now.  Think of this very breath you are taking and remember this exact moment.  Slow down your thinking, your reading, your breathing.

Feels good doesn’t it?  Refreshing is the word that  comes to mind.

Lately I have been realizing that life is being lived way to fast.  That large chunks of time are going missing from my memory (for good or bad I am not sure yet!)

Doesn’t it alway feel like we are hurrying up just to get to the end product? How can we make this faster? Compromising quality? I have made a conscious decision to savor the preparation of things.

Meals – taking the time to select the right ingredients, properly preparing them and letting them cook how they need to be cooked to get all of their flavors out.

Cocktails – learning the art of crafting a single drink, appreciating the nuances of the flavors that are involved.

Shaving – finding the right tools, real shaving cream and methods of doing it the way my grandfather did.

Getting ready – No longer rushing around in the morning putting on whatever I want. Instead carefully selecting my outfit and noticing each piece as it is put on.

Eating dinner – just looking at the meal and really appreciating it and feeling blessed to have it in front of me.  Tasting each bite and how it differed from the last one. Admiration to the cook that constructed it (usually my wife.)

When did we go wrong? I look at the past (not mine, but the worlds) and can’t help but think of the simpler, innocent and easier way of life.  I know, it was hard then too, but below is a list of things that I feel like we are missing today.

1. Getting dressed (up) for dinner, every dinner
2. Opening the door for your female significant other
3. Learning from the “old-timers”
4. Enjoying the outdoors
5. Fixing up your own house and car
6. Eating dinner as a family
7. Appreciating close family
8. Manners (from old to young)
9. Waiting for something to pay off (no more instant gratification)
10. Neighbors being friends
11. Martini’s and Manhattan’s
12. Dinner parties
13. Vinyl records
14. Pre-political correctness
15. Reverence of a higher power (God)

The list could go on and on.  I have been told I was born in the wrong decade, but I think I’ll just combine the best of all the decades and live my life as such.

What influences do you wish you could bring back?


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