Sweet, what’s mine say? DUDE, what’s mine say? SAAAWWWWHHEEEETTTT, what’s mine say?

Why are people so upset? Is the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act unconstitutional? Did you even know that was it’s official name or were you just calling it Obamacare? Have you even read up on it and understand what it is actually enacting or have you just listened to the talking heads and heard their agendas?

I wish so badly that we could live without big government. But I don’t think we are generous/caring enough for that to be possible.  I am torn between wanting to support this because it will, overall, help people in need and not supporting it because it is another example of an over-reaching government.

If you break it apart, at the core is one question. Should one not have access to healthcare because they can’t afford it?

I don’t want to be the one that denies that person, do you?  I don’t think this is the best option, but if it helps those that need help, I can’t really whole-heartedly disagree with it.

If this is repealed with the next presidency, is the status quo still sufficient or will something else be more efficient?

I will say this. If we put as much energy into helping the people we see everyday as we do into raging on the internets, we would be so much better off.  If we bring our whole world of worry from the USA to a 5 mile radius of our home and concentrate efforts there, maybe one day the government will say, “Well shoot Mr Donkey/Elephant, looks like they figured it out after all.”

I have given up trying to change the things I can not control. The effort is better spent on others.

But then again, I am not supposed to have an opinion because I don’t vote.


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