Best Startup Business Advice I have Heard in a While

I always read a few positive articles in the morning, regardless of what my day holds.  It reminds me that there are other successful people out there that started where I did.  I refuse to read any “regular” news anymore, talk about depressing.  This quote is from Forbes’s Christopher Steiner.  He is talking with Hamdi Ulukaya from Chobani Greek Yogurt about his rise from $0 to $700 million in four years. The full article is here.

CS: There are parallels and advice that’s valid to anybody growing a business, yogurt, tech or otherwise.  What are your main tenets to starting and growing something successfully?

Ulukaya: There are five main things I focus on:

No. 1:  Keep your product simple.  Know what you do and do it better than anybody.

No. 2:  Invest in your core.  For us, that’s our yogurt plant.  We have the biggest best plant in the U.S., maybe in the world.  We’ve invested $220 million in taking that plant from a capacity of 50,000 cases to 1.4 million.  It’s the backbone of what we do and we treat it that way.

No. 3:  When you market your business, know that can fool almost nobody anymore.  There is too much information available to anybody who wants it.  Be real.  People can tell—or easily find out—when you’re not.

No. 4:  Focus on profit.  I run my business like a mom and pop store.  Cash is everything.  Without it you can’t increase production and it’s hard to be innovative.

No. 5:  Lead as an example.  If you make yogurt, go to the plant.  Work with your people; if you want people to work on Sunday, be there next to them.

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The Start of the Explanation…

Below is a post from the beginning of the year.  It is a brief explanation of my trading strategy and my method has changed since, but it is a good starting point.  Enjoy this regurgitation of information! I will right an updated version of this as time allows.

I developed my system out of losing trades.  Simple as that.  I want to caution you from moving any further and also throw up a disclaimer.  This post is just an explanation of my trading style, not a suggestion on how anyone reading this should trade.  It is very dangerous, very risky, and can blow up at anytime.

Moving on, if you have read my blog for any length of time, you can see my progression as a trader – barring some month-long hiatus’ – you can get a good idea of where I am going.  The Martingale <—- slightly more modified and adjusted to my strength’s  as a trader, but dress it up and put make up on it all you want, it’s still, at the heart, a Martingale.  If you don’t know what a Martingale is, click here, this will explain what it is and why it doesn’t work.

Into the Nitty Gritty;

What I do, is take a “Hedged” position, i.e. Long Eur/USD and Short AUD/USD.  For all intents and purposes, it is kinda a hedged position.  Then as one moves to the positive side and one to the negative – I watch.  What do I look for?  A correlated Support or Resistance Zone.  When it gets there, I close the profitable trade and double down on the losing one.  Then I move the double down trade’s Take Profit to the Break Even point for both trades.  One trip to the Break Even point and I have a position in that’s pretty much “free.”

The reason this works for me is because I am terrible at figuring out the direction of the markets.  What I am good at is identifying strong S&R lines and zones.  I have developed a very strict Money and Risk Management profile, even more strict than most, but I have turned almost all of my seemingly “unprofitable” trades into a very profitable trading style.

Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t just arbitrarily pick each side, I precisely analyse each market that I am trading in and very judiciously pick a direction that will most likely be favorable.  I have found that most of my trades stay open for about 1 to 2 weeks.

Busy Busy Busy…

Hello all of my faithful readers.

My deepest apologies for not keeping up with this blog, it has been a fun and exciting time in my life, but too busy to write on here.  I have started a NEW job, started 2 new businesses and have continued to trade for my clients; as you can see this blog is expendable.

I do have a series of posts that I have planned and you can count on about 1 post/week unless something crazy happens, in which case I will let you know.  In addition, I plan to do weekly trading plans (bare-bones and short) on Sunday nights as well as hanging out in my chat room for a few hours to talk about the upcoming week.

See you all soon.

New Career

If anyone is still out there that might stumble on this blog and read it, I want to let you know that I have started a new career.  I am no longer the owner of a sign company but now I am an Agent with New York Life.  I am proud of my new position and extremely excited at the idea of working with the top Company in this field.  To clarify, YES, I am a Life Insurance (oh noooo, the horrors!!!!) agent, but I want to make sure that people understand it is more than that.  I work in the 3 financial phases of life, protection, accumulation, and distribution.  I do sell life insurance, but it is a tool that helps in all three.  I can help people with protecting their family in the event of the death of the breadwinner, I can help a young family save money to buy a house, and I can help as people reach the retirement age with making sure they will never run out of money. My goal is to help as many people as I can.  The question becomes, can I help you? Please email me @ mdgoldsborough (at) gmail (dot) com.

As this blog continues to evolve, I will be posting still about trading and what I am doing in the markets, but mixed in here will be little financial tidbits that I hope will be of some use to my readers as they plan their financial futures.

As for my trading, it has taken a break due to the rigorous training program NYL has me going through, but it will pick up soon.  I did however take advantage of the Divergence on the E/U and rode it down for a bit…I still have a short in and will add to it as it moves against me.



More fun…

If you get a chance, check the new page out at the top right – “Trader Community.” It’s an interactive chat room that anyone can use. When I am actively trading I will be logged on and talking to myself or whoever is there with me, calling my trades and what I see. I’d love to see some of you join me, it could turn into something fun.

Laying in wait…

I feel like everytime I write a new blog I am apologizing for waiting sooo long.  Hence the title of my new post – if you never know when I’ll post, then I can ambush you with a new one every now and then.

It’s also a new idea I am developing in my trading…patience, so I can surprise attack the markets.  They’ll never know what hit ’em. <— note the sarcasm – “waiting” is something I have struggled with for a long time, and I feel as if I’ll struggle with it for the rest of my career.  However, I would like to think I am getting more patient, even if I have not perfected it.  Not much has changed with my trading, I am playing with a martingale strategy that I am starting to like, I hinted about it in a previous post here.  As for my profitability, I’ve posted some decent gains for the first part of the year, but no where near what I desire.

I have started looking around for some full time employment and had a great meeting with a Financial Adviser that owns his own Financial Services Firm.  I am looking to work as an intern at their offices while studying for my Series 7 and 66 as well as my Life and Accident Insurance Certificate.  If anyone has info or resources for these exams, any help would be appreciated.  The guy I met with’s name is Brian and he asked some very tough questions, laid some realities on the table and really showed that he was in the business for more than just money.  His clients are his #1 priority and he believes that, other than family, he has the biggest impact on their lives – and because of this he makes sure it’s a positive one.  I realized why I am attracted to the business, yeah the possibility of making a decent wage is nice, but I love to help people, I love to see people smile. The greatest reward for me isn’t the paycheck every week, but the satisfaction that I’ve made someones life a little better.  So, long story kinda short, I am pursuing this with my whole heart and head and we’ll see what happens.

If anyone is keeping up, a quick update about my mom.  She has now had 2 scans to monitor the growth of her cancer and the doctors are STUNNED!!! They don’t know why, but the cancer is NOT growing – they said that it should be, but it’s just not… Her will power is unbelievable as is her resolve to not let this beat her.  She has changed a lot…her diet and outlook on life top the list as some of the reasons this cancer isn’t taking her body over.  BUT I attribute it to the amount of prayer and uplifting she has recieved from people all over the world.  Thank you for keeping her in your thoughts and prayers  – God does and is able to perform miracles and this is what we are praying for AND SEEING!!

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See you around the block!